Kokura Arsenal manufactured Arisaka Type 99  in 7.7

One of the last Arisaka Type 99 to come out of the Kokura Arsenal very late 1944, these model type are often called 'Last Ditch' .

While there is no official model change, the fingerquote “Last Ditch” Arisaka rifles were a final effort by the Japanese to turn out as many firearms as possible – which meant cutting a lot of corners.

At the muzzle we see that the difficult-to-produce front sight protection posts were removed entirely, the front barrel band was drastically simplified, and we can see the rough machine work on the barrel. The rifling inside, however, was reportedly unchanged (with the exception of the chrome lining).

The rear barrel band was simplified, and the cutout for the fore grip was deemed unnecessary.

The rear sight shows a dramatic simplification. Fun fact: Those wings on the rear sight of the early rifle were for anti-aircraft fire, to be used in combination with the monopod for elevated off-hand shooting. Also, note the Chrysanthemum present on this last-ditch rifle

Also the Type 99 script is not present on the receiver as this was another time saving measure.

Finally, the buttplate shown here is simply a tacked piece of wood further indicating that the longevity of the rifle wasn’t much of a concern.

It’s important to note that these changes didn’t happen overnight. It’s common to see rifles with various features present or not present as that transition took place.