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Over the last year or so, we have been selling off a large collection of WW1 Lee Enfield Sniper rifles in an effort  not to swamp the market,  this WW1 BSA No1 Mklll 1915 Sniper rifle has just been released for sale.

    WW1  BSA Number 1 Mklll   .303  dated 1915  Sniper Rifle

                               Fitted with a  1916 Aldis Mk3 Scope

    Scottish  Alexander Henry marked scope & British Army acceptance stamp

This is a lovely original condition WW1 British Army  .303 Sniper Rifle fitted with a Aldis Mk3 side mounted scope. 

During WW1 everyone played there part in the war effort and the Scottish Gun making Company Alexander  Henry was no exception.   Alexander Henry is by far the best know of all Scottish

gunmakers and during WW1 was contracted to fit telescopic scopes to Lee Enfield rifles.

The Aldis fitted to this rifle has been collimated up to 200 yards by the Armours in the field or maybe collimated by Alexander Henry at the request of one of the Scottish regiments who were deployed on the western front.

It is important to remember that in the Great war your enemy was maybe no more than 50 yards away and almost certainly no more than 200 yards away.  

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The Lee Enfield rifle was far better suited the Trench warfare than any other rifle in that battle space,  in fact you could say it was made for trench warfare.  The German Mauser was very pron for its action to get clogged up with mud and the Canadian Ross was withdrawn from front line service all together in early 1916 due to function problems with mud.

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 This rifle was re-barreled in 1941 has been fitted with a ball burnisher barrel and is common number to the rifle with full military proof marks on the barrel.


              This rifle has full windage adjustment as well on the rear sight 

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Very nice original Aldis Mk3 telescope with its English Leather case, the leather case is standard British Military Type for WW1.


Overall condition is what you expect from a 1915 rifle that has seen service in WW1 after three years in mud & water filled trenches.

This rifle must have seen service in WW2 as it is fitted with a 1941 military barrel and all numbers are common.

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                                  Major Hesketh-Prichard  DSO, MC ,FRGS ,FZS.

   We do have a real Hero, a man who transformed the Western Front and changed forever how Sniping was conducted around the world.  

His book 'Sniping in France' is the bible of Sniping and is compulsory read by the USA Navy Sniper Academy and USA SEAL Sniper Training Academy.  His book has never been out of publication.

          In 1921 all versions of the SMLE Sniper rifle were declared obsolete and were ordered to be sent to  The Royal Ordnance Depot Weedon.  An order was issued to remove all telescopic scopes from the now declared obsolete SMLE Sniper rifles and return them to general stock.  

         There reason was simple,  the Great War was THE war to stop all wars so why have Sniper rifles. 

                              Maybe someone should have let Hitler Know !