WW1  LSA & Co  SMLE  date 1915   .303  Sniper Rifle  

            Aldis 1916  Mark 3    Holland & Holland Marked 

                                       Purdy Mounts

This is a very nice condition WW1 British Lee Enfield  SMLE  Number 1 Mklll Sniper Rifle is fitted with a Mark 3 Aldis scope on Purdy mounts.

This rifle also has its original Aldis scope case which is common number the the Aldis Mk3 scope.

Manufactured at the London Small Arms Factory (LSA & Co) in South London in 1915 as a .303 service rifle.  All matching numbers and dressed in English walnut to make this a great looking rifle.

It has a full set of long distant volley sights and there is a windage adjustment on the rear sight.

Above and below shows the Aldis 3  scope and its Purdy mounts.  The Aldis scope is dated 1916 with a very low production number  of 146.  This number is common to the Aldis scope case.


Holland & Holland stamped on the side of the Aldis Mk3 scope below the bullet drop compensator

                                     Below Left

The left photo shows the George V cipher above

LSA  and the date 1915. Just under the date is Sht-LE which is the model and lll which is the model.

                                     Below Right

The scope is fully marked Aldis Brothers, Birmingham and below that the date 1916.

Above and below shows the scope number which is common the both item.


Original instructions on how to work the Aldis scope 


Lovely condition English leather Aldis scope case,

Overall the general condition is very good, we have test shot this rifle at 75 yards and it had a grouping of 5' and that's good. Due to Covid 19 we have not shot this rifle at any long distance ranges.



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