Russian AK47  Type 3  milled receiver       dated 1960

This is an original manufactured Russian  AK47  with a type 3 milled receiver and dated  1960 (M),   in a world of 100, 000,000   AK47's  you would think you would be failing over Russian Type 3 AK47's but you would be very wrong !

In the world of AK47's any milled receiver is rare and to find a Russian manufactured Type 3 milled received AK47 is even rarer.  Most of the 100 million AK47 are of pressed steel (AKM) type and are by far the most common  at 96% of the 100 million,   only 4% are of the early milled type.

There were Soviet two country's that manufactured the milled type 3 AK47 receiver the Russian's and Bulgaria's from around 1957 to 1962/3. 


These were precision engineered rifles that the receiver was milled from one solid piece of high grade steel and has over 98 machining operations, so they were not cheap to manufactured.


By late 1962  the Soviets had gone over to pressed steel manufacture  AK47 which had the designation AKm  47  ( with the help of there former  captured  German engineers) .


This Russian Type 3 received rifle has the letter M at the end of it's serial number which is the date code for 1960.  It has two tangs (upper & lower) connected to the butt and has 95% of the factory blueing left .  The is the Russian state factory stamp on the front left of the receiver and proofing stamps.


This rifle is a very early deativated weapon and has been sympathetically deactivated with care, it Dry fires and can be fully field stripped.  


In the world of AK47 this is a Rolls-Royce ,  this is a high quality manufactured weapon .