British Army Shooting Team Competition Rifle  1969    Serial No  A25

                        R.S.A.F Enfield  7.62 with Pecar Berlin Scope   


                     Military Version of the Police Enforcer Sniper Rifle

 This rifle was used by the British Army Shooting Team in competitions against other Military Army's around the world during the early 1970.

 This rifle with serial number A25 was in the first batch of 7.62 Enfield that were ordered by the British Army from RSAF Enfield,  this information is well documented. 


Later on the British Police Forces would order the civilian version called the  'ENFORCER' as their oversight Sniper rifle,  that rifle stayed in service until the later 1990's. 



This rifle design started after the Bisley target shooters started modifying their standard Number 4 service rifles.  In there quest to get better grouping on there shooting cards and so get the upper hand over there competitors. 


This did not get un notice by the British Army who also used Bisley Camp for training, very soon after R.S.A.F Enfield started copying the target shooters rifle design.


Before this point (1967-1968) R.S.A.F Enfield had there L8A1 Series Sniper rifle program scrapped by the Army as their new L8A1 Sniper rifle in some cases shot worse than a standard Number 4 under controlled troop trial conditions, the British Army were not impressed .



If it works 'copy it' must have been the saying of the day as by 1969 RSAF Enfield were manufacturing its own version of the Bisley target shooters rifles and this one A25 was shipped in a batch to the British Army Shooting team for inter Army in 1969.  

This rifle used the last version of the Enfield SMLE Receiver the No4 Mk2 receiver which had an intergrated trigger,  the rifles were also equipped with a heavy 7.62 Enfield marked barrel (EFD) which was fully floating. 


Any one who has owned a Police 'ENFORCE' Sniper Rifle will recognise the Pecar Berlin 4-10 variable scope and mounts. 


After entering the British Military Service all contact is lost as the no Army in the world gives out its Military informatory information.


  ( Except Australia with its L1A1 service rifles serial numbers and destination list) .

All British Army informatory documentation never leave the British Military and are covered by the 100 year rule so we have no idea of any Military history. 

This is idea for military collector who might be able to do more research and dig deeper into its history. 


                   This is pre L42A1 and Enforcer so a rare survivor from the past



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