Sterling Armaments Company

                Sterling  Manufactured Silenced .45 ACP Carbine

                 fitted with after market scope by its last owner

Sterling Armaments Company was an Arms manufacturer company based at Dagenham, Essex.  The factory  closed down in 1988 due to lack of  large Government contracts being awarded for there  ArmaLite AR-180.   The last hope for the Sterling was to be awarded the replacement contract  of the then 30 year old L1A1 British Service rifle. 


 Conceding what finally replaced the L1A1 into Military service in 1984,  the Sterling AR180 lost out to a much poorer final replacement.  

The Sterling SAR-87 (1987) came far too late to enter the L1A1 replacement Small Arms trials,  by then the SA80A1 ( .556 )  had been adopted by the British Army as there replacement for the L1A1.    

This bring us onto the Sterling Silenced carbine in .45 ACP which was another attempt in getting more Military sales but by the mid 1980's  any hope at saving  the company had long gone.  


Also a year earlier (1987 ) the ex-government Factory 'Enfield' was shut down by BAE  Systems for its real estate value.   BAE  Land Systems would go on to  erase the name of 'Vickers'  in 2004 as well.


Using a Enfield No4 Mk1 action  with a .45ACP Barrel and Silencer but again this project had no British Government backing and was scrapped , yet a great gun to shoot.  We have no idea how many Silenced .45 ACP were made as all of Sterling's production records were put into a skip for land fill after the factory was shutdown.

              Just come out of a large collections of British Military Service Rifles 



on the receiver

The receiver still has in electro type No4 MK1  (ROF) F  3/43   (1943) and the original serial number is crossed out. There is a new Sterling serial number stamped on the receiver and bolt.

       We understand from the seller that this rifle has been in Military Service

       Was  £2,625.00       Now £950.00