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BSA  M47C   No5 Mk1   Jungle Carbine  .303  Dated 1944

This very early  No5 Mk1  and is one of the earliest  Jungle Carbine,  manufactured in mid 1944 for the war against the Imperial Japanese Army in Burma.

     The Jungle carbine was lightened to make it easier to carry in the hot damp condition of the Burma jungle.


       As you can see from the photo the No5 Mk1 has a machine cut under the rear sights and the bolt has been lightened.


The rear sight is calibrated to 800 yards 


The Jungle Carbine was a very effective weapon in jungle warfare conditions.


This is a great collector item for WW2 military collectors as BSA M47c are very rare to find these days with a good bore and smooth firing action


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