WW2  Dunkirk   Dove Tail Mk1 Bren Gun  1939 Kings Head

            Early spec fully strippable and Dry firing

    This is a very good example of Dunkirk era Dove tail Bren Gun Mark 1 in fully strippable condition.   The serial number B9278 is a low serial number for 1939 so maybe it was built just before we entered the war against Nazi Germany.

    This Dove tail Bren gun has a smooth dry firing action and can be taken apart completly. 



The Kings Crown and the the date 1939



Fully Strippable and it has a nice smooth Dry firing 



The left hand side shows the Dove Tail for the dial sights and also fitting of the Number 32 Mk1 telescopic scope that was later fitted to the Number 4 T Sniper rifle


     This version of the Mark 1 Dove Tail Bren Gun ended in mid 1940 to save machining time at the Factory.  Also it was decided to fit the Number 32 scope to the new Number 4 service rifle instead.

                                    A great piece of history of a time long gone.