Rare Pre  Dunkirk    1938   Bren Gun  Mk1 Dove Tail   .303   

This is a good example of a very early Pre Dunkirk Dove Tail Bren Gun dating to 1938 and is good original condition. 

This is a Dry firing fully strippable Bren gun , it has the right barrel type for 1938 and the correct fluting and  the magazine is a Mk1 type.

All matching numbers and at sometime been in South Africa as it has acceptance proof marks for South Africa and this would also account for the wood being almost blondish  .

The serial number has four digits  with a prefix A  ( A3913)  which makes this a very early 1938 production as the prefix for 1938 was B.  


It is now very hard to find any pre Dunkirk Bren Guns and even harder to find a 1938 dated,  this would enhance any collection .