WW2  Nazi marked  K98   Date 1937       

  factory code   S/243  for Mauser Berlin-Borsigwalde

This pre  1937 WW2 Mauser  K98k has the factory code for Mauser Berlin-Borsigwalde and stamped on the receiver is the  Waffenamt team inspection stamps ' E211 '  (three) and the other side the serial no 9789 with a d under the serial number. It has matching numbers for the receiver and barrel.

These pre war Rifles have the best German walnut stocks and the machining of the components is of a very high standard.  On the floor plate is stamped WAAG3 under a Nazi stamp. This rifle has the Weimar firing proof stamp on the barrel and on the receiver. This rifle used a barrel blank provided by Ruhrstahl main Barrel plant and profiled at the Dohlen machine Plant.  The rear butt stock has a rack number 2083

This is a well built rifle and with most German rifles there are proof stamps and inspection stamps everywhere and if you had the time you could write a whole book about one rifle !

                            Deactivated in 2009 and can be stripped down and it is dry firing.