WW2 1928A1  Thompson Sub Machine Gun  .45ACP

This is a very nice, clean Thompson 1928A1 sub machine gun manufacture by the Auto-Ordnance Company .

The Serial number is important  A.O 104666  (Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Corporation in Hartford, Connecticut )  shows that it was manufactured by 

Auto-Ordnance Company and not at Savage Arms Factory, Chicopee, Massachusetts.

80% of all Thompsons were manufactured by Savage under a US Government contract  the Savage serial number has the pre fix A.S.  (Savage) and from a collectors point this is a big deal.  

Production of the M1928A1 was handled by Colt's Patent Firearms Manufacturing Corporation in Hartford, Connecticut as the main sub contractor for Auto-Ordnance Company as Auto-Ordnance Company never manufacture the Thompson. 

By the time World War 2 came to America's door, the M1928A1 proved too expensive to produce in the large quantities needed. As such, the M1 and M1A1 appeared as relatively inexpensive alternatives to the complicated and expensive M1928A1. 

This Auto-Ordnance Thompson is a new old deactivated spec , the bolt works but is not connected to the trigger.  The trigger does work as does the select fire and safety.

A nice ww2 Thompson Sub machine gun in very good order