Rare  WW1  Enfield   .303    date 1914   Service Rifle 

             28th Battalion, London Regiment (Artists Rifles).designation

                                       British Expeditionary Force


This is a very rare WWI  example of a 1914 dated Enfield manufactured SMLE Service Rifle with 28th Battalion, London Regiment (Artists Rifles). The battalion was part of the Territorial Force, hence the 'T' designation

 This early 1914 example is in stunning battlefield condition and has the added benefit of being fitted with a new barrel by its last owner.   

All matching numbers, this 1914 date SMLE has 100% its original wood , magazine cut-off plate and rare long range volley sight system.

The intent of the these sights was for a platoon or company to engage the enemy at great distance .It's effect was to concentrate  all the rifles fire in one single area.  It was rendered obsolete when the machine gun was invented and production was stopped around 1915/16 making this example that much rarer. 

This rifle must have seen hard action as the oil has started to bleed out of the wood.   Four years of trench warfare with heavy substantial firing has resulted in the oil boiling in the wood stock until it started to bleed out.

Long range sight fitted

This is a very rare  1914  British Expeditionary Force (BEF) Lee Enfield rifle in Battlefield condition.  This rifle is not your normal pretty Weedon refurbish SMLE service rifle .

      ( After WW1 most  WW1 SMLE  Service rifles were refurbished at R.S.A.F Weedon in 1921-1923 ALL damaged old wood was replaced with new wood)

This rifle still has the scars of WW1 and no attempt has been made to restore this rifle to 'Factory new condition' . 

The cipher on the receiver is worn but all common numbers to the rifle ( except for new barrel ). 


FTR Marked (factory through repair) but no indication why and has been lost to time.

Top view :  No DP Marking or ER Markings on for knox

   28th Battalion, London Regiment (Artists Rifles). The battalion was part of the Territorial Force, hence the 'T' designation                  

                                  247 is the Rifle rack number

This Rifle

                  Manufactured in 1914 by  R.S.A.F Enfield and chambers for the  MkVII .303 Ball round .  Replacement barrel which looks almost new,  very good rifling and gauges to .303  (.311).   

                  We understand that the new barrel replaced a replacement barrel so of no historic importance .  Rifle is common numbered except for barrel.  Headspace checked.  



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